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I thought I had more time...

I thought I had more time

"It’s hard to know what to do before it’s time. We always think we have so much more “time.” 

When my Mom suffered from a stroke years ago, I wasn’t prepared for what would follow. I thought we had more time. Fast forward (time frame), my Mom’s health suddenly began to decline from a different diagnosis. In just two months, I found myself scrambling again and unprepared like years ago when she suffered the stroke. As nights grew long and questions to simple things became hard, I wished we spoke about her financial affairs so I could have been better informed. 

I wish I had taken the time to have her journal her financial affairs. I wish I didn't have to  go on a scavenger hunt looking for her documents. If only I had stopped to get questions answered, it would have helped prepare me for my new journey. My new adjustment in life. My new reality of time."

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    Brandee J. Harrington is an author, wife, mother, and real estate broker who wrote Coinz Journal with one person in mind, her Mom. She wanted to have the necessary information for her Mother’s financial affairs written in one place.

    Her story inspired her to bring into light the conversation she simply wasn’t ready for. She discovered that her personal journey lead her to realize that her story is like others-It isn’t discussed.

    She decided to change the narrative and start a movement to “Write it down...make it plain” and have a Change the Perspective- Leave a legacy mindset. Planning for your family’s future helps not only your family properly manage your resources but helps them know where to start.